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The women of Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge have resided at the Grace Manor Campus since 2006.  All of the women that have lived at the house on the hill, have cherished their time there.  They say it is a home, a home that some of them have never had.

We hold annual outreach events each year:

Svenskarnesdag picnic in June, and the 

Christmas pageant in December.

Our goal is to continue the legacy of Emily Holmquist's ministry to help, care and love for those in need.

We are asking for continued support in prayer and contribution to carry on this mission of helping God's children in need.





​Our partnership with

MN Adult and Teen Challenge



About Grace Manor

The History of Grace Manor Ministries

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"God's grace in action, boldly inspiring and assisting Christian ministries."

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Grace Manor Ministries

In the early years of the 20th century, Mrs. Emily Holmquist, burdened with the knowledge that there were many aging individuals needing love, care, and housing, began sharing her vision with members of various churches.  This concern grew, and in February of 1906, she organized the Women's Union Relief Society for the purpose of helping the elderly, and finding a way to extend Christian love and care to those in need.

A large, beautiful building - indeed the very same building which stands today, known as Grace Manor - was purchased in N.E. Minneapolis, MN to fulfill this purpose.  In 1915, it was incorporated as a non profit organization.  Though the name of our outreach has changed from "Scandinavian Union Relief Home" to "Union Home for the Aged" to "Christian Union Home" to Grace Manor" and now "Grace Manor Ministries", family and the original society members are continuing to join hands with others in order to carry on the tradition of Christian service and love started by Emily Holmquist many years ago.

Grace Manor Ministries has continued its legacy for over 100 years.

We are currently supporting the following ministries in addition to our ongoing support of Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge. 

The list of other ministries continues to grow each year.

2006 - Minnesota Adult & Teen Challenge-                        ongoing support commitment

2007 - Worldwide Village - Haiti

2008 - Project Timothy - Africa & Haitian

              Prison Ministries

2009 - Good News Jail Ministries 

2010 - Scholarships for female        

              graduates,  continuing in MN A&TC

              ministry school, Haiti Teen

              Challenge scholarship, & Worldwide

              Vision water purification for Haiti

2011 -  2012

              Scholarships for female graduates,

              continuing in MN A&TC ministry                             school

​2013 - Mom's Haven of Hope

2014 - International Justice Mission

2015- Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge- 

           ongoing support commitment

2016- Safe Families of MN- Baby items

2017- Haiti Teen Challenge